ANIMATE 2 or STUDIO 5? Please help? {Need advice}

Hi everyone,

(Longtime lurker / member here, I don’t think I have posted much until now). Anyway, I have a small crisis and was hoping for expert opinions from experienced users of Studio 5 and or Animate 2 (or Studio 3.0.1, 4.5, or Animate etc.).

I have always wanted to make a long running animated comedy series on Comedy Central, Adult swim, G4, etc… But the animation part has always halted my progress. Well that, and my health issues. I have always planned to keep the animation simple ala South Park, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, etc. all while making the hilarious audio content the part that really made the show a hit and made people laugh. (I love comedy, and laughing is healing).

I bought an old version of Studio and then upgraded it to 3.0.1 (when it was new years ago). My health went south again, and I barely scratched the surface of getting to know the program. I figure I should learn on the latest version, (so I don’t have to re-learn it all again when I upgrade only to find that things have changed).

??? So long story short,… I’m torn between STUDIO 5 and ANIMATE 2. ??? I want to upgrade from 3.0.1 to benefit from all the new features that (from what I have read on the sales page) will make it a lot easier to get the animation and lip synching work done faster. Please chime in on which program would get the job done for me quickly, and with the least amount of hair pulling in the animation work load dept.

I will be doing all the music, voices, sound effects, and 99.99% of the writing myself (along with my family throwing in ideas). So I will have a heavy work load before I even get to animating anything at all. I probably won’t use a lot of the advanced features of Animate 2, but I figure if it makes animating faster for me with short cuts etc., then it would be the better choice for me over Studio 5.

Please help with any useful advice you may have.
I would greatly appreciate your experiened opinions.

Thanks in advance! ;D

try downloading the PLE version of animate and watch the kickstart videos. That will give you a good idea of what animate can do.

It has been a long time since I have used studio, but I definitly love Animate as a piece of software and the multiplane for backgrounds is a great way to add a professional touch to your projects that studio doesn’t have.

First off I hope your health is and remains better. I’d say go with Animate2 and the price for upgrading and crossgrading is close enough to make it an easier decision.

Why? I think It is simply a better more advanced program, but there will be some hair pulling I will not lie to you about that.

The good thing is there are alot more tutorials on Animate now to help you out than was the case just 2 months ago. Since you have experience with Studio maybe the crossgrade will not be as rough for you as it was for me coming from flash. I’d take Raider’s advice and try out the PLE first and decide from there.

I love the energy from your post and all I can say is good luck and go with Animate2.

Hey thanks for the replies so far! ;D

I guess in (really) short, what I’m trying to find out is,… will Studio 3.0.1 (or 5) save me a lot of production time? Or does Animate 2 shine more in that dept.?

Things like the hierarchy skeletons. To be able to move the characters like puppets to suit each scene etc. Is that quicker / easier in Animate than in Studio?

And lip synching, etc.?

Will Studio 3 (or 5) suit me just fine? Or will I be limited and wish I had gone with Animate 2? ???

Oh and is one or the other any easier to learn? (It seems Animate 2 is since there are more tuts).

which is easier to learn is a hard question because i learnt studio and moved to animate which meant my learning curve was small.

I said easier because there are tutorials by me ;D ;D (that is a joke in case you took it seriously)

Animate has a much better animation workflow than studio.

If you search thought the product pages there should be a product comparasion list somewhere and you can see what animate has that studio doesn’t.

As one who went through this recently (as a total beginner), I advise getting Animate. Paradoxically, the more sophisticated software package is much easier to learn. Just beware that projects made in the PLE do not readily open in the full version. There is no doubt a way to do it, but it isn’t obvious.

Thanks a million guys!
I really appreciate the help! 8)

The last thing I need now is to regret a choice that will haunt me for years to come! :o (Not that it was too surprising that Animate would be the winner here since this is the Animate forum). lol So far I have zero answers over on the Studio forum. I was leaning towards Animate 2 anyway but I wanted to get further insite before taking the plunge.

I’m sure I will be on the forums a lot with questions once I start to dig in.

Thanks again! ;D

if you search the archives you’ll see posts on this - there isn’t a way to bring projects from the PLE into the full version.

You will find that the majority of active people on the forum are ex-studio users so that says something.

There is no question it is better. The question is if the price difference is worth it to you.

Yeah that really does say something. ;D

I’ve decided to go with Animate 2. I’ll have so much work that it will be worth it to have the extra shortcuts and ease of use. Not to mention the tuts.

Thanks a ton, 8)


Animate 2 (the non pro version) will have fewer bells and whistles than Studio 5 in the FX department.

Animate line has it all over studio if like my self you come from traditional media. The harsh black vector lines of studio made it very difficult for me to create in studio ( I went into inking mode mentally.) So the more nature or old school look of animate is a big plus.

Program operation is close between both programs. there are improvements in work flo in the Animate Pro line I don’t know about the standard version.

So as has been stated try the ple version see how you like it. The great thing about ToonBoom Version 3.XX of studio is the same as 5 in operation just added goodies. So you can expect backward compatibility in the way you work.

Studio is a worth while program, and for the simple production you have in mind is up to the task. Animate Is now the standard has superior rendering and FX for more advanced animations. Only you can decide your needs today and the possible needs of tomorrow. You say for years to come… If you mean that then go animate all the way as it is the standard, anything else in the TB animation lines are lessor or a pre-curser to…

I to started with TBS 3. Now my pipeline is Animate Pro and SB Pro in TB product lines. So you deside and go from there…

THE PLE versions are your friends for making a choice.

Hope this helps

I was under the impression that the opposite was true. I bought Animate 2 today. ???

lol i don’t think so.

Studio has 2 compositing effects, animate 15.

Animate has blending effects, studio doesn’t

Animate has high bitmap resolution support, studio doesn;t.

From looking at the product comparaision.

there is the link so you can see how much more it has.

can’t wait to see what you do with it :slight_smile:

don’t be scared to post WIP.

I thought so.
He had me wondering for a sec there.

I was like, WTH? :o
Since when! ???
Nooooooooooooooo! >:(


I’m really glad we have this forum. I’m sure I will be pesting with curious questions soon. ;D

Thanks for the kind words BTW. ;D
I’m going for it huge!

Had me wondering too (cause I have studio although i don’t use it).

That is why i looked it up :slight_smile:

I also wanted to thank you, Raider.
You have been a huge help! ;D

I want to do this right from the start.
Now all I have to do is learn how to use A2,
and find the work flow that gels for me.

This link is my best friend right now.

ya watch the kickstart videos first.

Then I would suggest watching the Adam Phillips tutorials and of course mine :slight_smile: I would watch Adam’s first because he he goes over some of the basics in the kickstart videos that were glossed over.

Then there is a ton more on

Hey thanks a lot man!

I am in sponge mode right now. lol
Soaking info like mad.

Time for sleep now. :stuck_out_tongue: