Animate 2 on the Mac

Hi guys , I am about to install to an iMac and wonder if anyone has Animate 2 on a mac . For any tips of problems using on a iMac/ mac, please advise. Not sure what the current version is , as mine is Build 7.9.0 ( 6015 ) (2010-09-15) and have downloaded as of now but not installed to OS X 10.8,3.
Thanks in advance …

Apart from the “Colour-Picker-Issue” everything else works just fine…

I use mac and it works perfectly

Thanks guys , I hope the tech guys sort it before I even think of upgrading.
When I installed Animate 2 , I found that the HELP icon in top menu does NOT do anything ?
Any advice please

It should open the “Animate_Family_Help_System.pdf”… (keyboard-shortcut: F1).
Make sure you have “Adobe Reader” installed on your system… (Preview won’t work).

In your Application Folder / open Toon Boom Animate 2 / open the Documentation Folder.
Right-(control) click the “Animate_Family_Help_System.pdf” / Get Info…
From Open with: choose “Adobe”…

@ nolanscott
Thank you , installed Adobe Reader and after installing, the " help menu " , now works fine …cheers