Animate 2 Grouping ?

Hi guys anyone have troubles with grouping ? I have found that when grouping, ; doing the butterfly tute, that when I finaly got the wing sorted and had added extra spots etc , that when I grouped and copied and pasted, that the wing was not grouped ? Ok , have to regroup the copied wing.(I did it twice to see if it repeated )
Is that how the group works ?
Is there a huge difference between Animate and Animate 2 (might explain some differences in old tutes), I was using the Flash workspace, because I had been told the tutes (newer ones ) used this.

You can group parts of a drawing together as long as they’re on the same drawing layer. If you try to make a selection that encompasses multiple drawing layers, then it will not group those parts together.

I just double-checked that grouping works with a copy and paste. Here’s what I did:
1) I drew a butterfly wing, filled it in, and put some spots on top of it.
2) I selected everything, which was all on the same drawing layer, and I did a Ctrl+G.
3) I double-checked that the group worked by clicking away to deselect, then clicking once on top of the wing. It selected everything correctly.
4) With the wing group selected, I copied with Ctrl+C.
5) I pasted the wing with Ctrl+V. I deselected, then I clicked once on that wing to re-select it. It selected the whole group.
6) I also tried pasting it onto a new frame. I pasted, then deselected, and when I clicked once on top of it, it selected all the parts of the wing.

I hope this helps, somehow. Where do you think it may have gone wrong?