Animate 2 files in Animate 2 Pro

I just cross-graded from Animate 2 to Animate 2 Pro. Can Animate 2 Pro open Animate 2 files?

yes ;D

but not the reverse if you use pro only features.

yes cool but how do you do this?

How do you open the files from animate 2 in animate 2 pro?

I tried opening an project with animate pro 2 and than found animate 2 and it would not let me open. it was greyed out

can you explain the actual process with opening toonboom animate 2 files with toonboom animate 2 pro?


this seems to be an easy fix.

Please someone respond with a quick answer.

I have tried just opening the project from animate 2 but it is greyed out.

i have a paid version of toon boom animate 2 and a PLE version of toon boom animate pro and want to see if this is a better program for me to use.

Maybe I can not open because it is greyed out?

Hi timothyR

I don’t know if the TB Animate Pro PLE version will open the Animate files.
But There are restrictions on export from the PLE version and it will only export with a watermark. Make sure you don’t ruin your files.

Better just play around in the PLE to try it out and don’t expect to do serious work there.

Best regards

thanks. I knew someone had an opinion

I save a saved file version of PLE and it seems to be purple instead of red so I am assuming that is what the problem has been.

so much for a trial version.

I wanted to see how my character I already had worked with a network setup.

I have no desire to recut.

thanks again.

The issue is not between Animate and Animate Pro, it’s between the PLE and the regular version. They are not compatible.

That guy asking about his problem and you are just saying that “yes Cool” and then after you asking him how do you done that means you are saying without done any process.

your sentences do not make sense…at least to me. What are you trying to say?