Animate 2 and Huion tablets


My copy of animate 2 was working perfectly as far as i know but after installing the drivers for the Huion tablet 610PRO. The application becomes unresponsive and will not launch. Im interested to know if anyone else has had this problem. Perhaps some could tell me how to remove the drivers so I can find out if that is the problem.

OSX 10.10.2

If no one knows about this here, the removing of drivers can be discussed on the Apple Support forum. Users there will be able to describe how to track them down. You also might get some assistance with the tablet at least general information if nothing else.

I am only using 10.6.8 and you have hidden folders and such to deal with now.

Wherever you find the information please return here and post that information in case anyone else has a similar problem. Someone may be able to help you here. So keep checking back.

Good luck.