Animate 2 and Cintiq 12wx

I’m interested in switching from my Intuos to a Cintiq 12wx. I’ll be using this on a Mac Pro with two other monitors. The applications will be Storyboard and Animate Pro.

Can anyone share their experience using the 12wx or the 21ux with Toon Boom?

Is the 21ux worth the extra cash?


I’ve been using a 12WX for over a year now. Prior to that I used an Intuos2. My OS is Windows 7. The 12WX is definitely great for doing freehand drawing in either TB or SB, however it is a bit small and cramped. The 12UX would be far better but personally, I can’t afford it right now.

I have thought of hooking up my old Intuos for doing some things like backgrounds with lots of details. That way I can use my big 22" monitor and see things better.

Bottom line is that the 12WX has increased my speed of production considerably and enabled me to draw decent art straight into my computer, especially for Storyboard. For artwork and character design I still prefer paper and pencil roughs which I scan and then finalize in vector with Xara Designer Pro (Windows only). Then I export to TB.

a little off topic but if i may, has anybody here tried using those touch screen new desktops? i have seen one that is 21 inches HD, you would tilt the monitor and draw directly on it, however, haven’t seen one that’s pressure sensitive. but the catch is, they are much much cheaper than 21" cintique. around 700 USD or less.

sounds tempting to try it.


salut, Hi .

j’ai une cintiq 21 pouces avec Animate Pro 2 et c’est le top . J’ai un Mac pro Quad 2,66 Ghz , avec un écran 24 pouces plus la cintiq 21 Pouces .

Comment font vous aiment la manière dont cela fonctionne avec le Animate? Avez-vous essayé le 12wx?

Mon Français n’est pas très bon… ::slight_smile: