Animate 1, copy drawing pivot issue


I’m working on Animate 1, and I found that I can not copy the position of a
drawing pivot in one or more drawings of the same element by: select the drawing> copy cells from timeline, and then, select drawings>paste special> update drawing pivot.
So I can not find a way to do that, if is not manually frame by frame, and the user guide clearly indicates that the copy of the pivot is possible in this way in this software version.
Is this a problem of my installed copy? Or is it a known problem?
In Animate 2 Ple, this works correctly, then, how can I solve this problem in Animate 1? Thanks.


This is a known issue from Animate 1 that was resolved for Animate 2.

Toon Boom Support

Thanks Lilly.

If there is any solution, as a script, I would appreciate.