Animatable Colour-Override

I think that it would be cool if the ‘Colour-Override’ filter was animatable, allowing the user to fade it in or out or to use it at a certain percentage that’s different from 0% or 100%.

Even cooler would be a separate module that would allow animating the degree of influence of any static filter, once plugged to that filter’s node.


Hi Stefman,

For the Colour Override, do you mean to animate the colour replacement intensity or the clone palette swap?

For the influence or intensity, could you explain the advantage you see over having the control to animate the various parameter value directly in the different nodes? Which nodes do you qualify as static?



Hi Marie-Eve,

I meant the clone palette swap. But, animatable colour replacement intensity would be great as well. :slight_smile:

As a user I do not see a big adventage in having the animatable control outside of the nodes.
I rather thought that this could help the developers to implement that feature easier and faster as (theoreticallly speaking) they wouldn’t have to recode all the static nodes themselves. (Which is perhaps an a bit naive perception of the topic.)

You got me! I just checked the other filter nodes and they are all animatable. So, there are no other static nodes. Sorry for not having checked that before. And this finally means that the external control module really looses all it’s meaning.

So, I think that it would be cool if the ‘Colour-Override’ - Clone Palette Swap was animatable. :slight_smile:


After having thought about it a bit more I would say that, in the end, one single animatable parameter controlling the influence of the result of the whole ‘Colour-Override’ filter node (Palette Swap and/or Colour Replacement) would completely do the job.


Thank you very much for all the additional clarification!

Much appreciated.