ancherpoints and strokes....

Hello TB Team.

Here is another hot item i would like to talk about for a next release. I made printscreens to make things (i hope :P) clear.

Here is a vector drawing i made with a wacom tablet in TB Animate Pro.
(By the way: The grey sketch is made in TV Paint. Because TB really miss a bitmap drawing tool that makes subtile sketching strokes possible…)

Problem 1

Is there a way to improve the “smooth” function? Sometimes, it is just hell to change a stroke width because of the mess of ancherpoints after using the cutter…
The smooth function also alterate too much the original stroke after only one single click…

Here an exemple:

Remark: Manga Studio and Retas Pro offer a nice property that can be a source of inspiration: you can choose the width of the reshape zone and also the reshape intensity. Extremely effective.
See image:

Problem 2

Stroke alteration after converting pencil to brush

Here an exemple:

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With your second one it is like Animate has stored the pressure even though you were using the pencil too.

Is that possible? :o
If its the case, it must be possible to desactivate this feature.

My theory: an average calculation of the internal and external path that’s doesn’t match 100% with the original pencil stroke resulting in thinner and bigger curves. (similar to the approximative result when clicking on the “smooth” feature…)

You could always test it by applying pressure in a way you remember and seee what happens.

Hello Lilly.

>>Concerning problem 1 :- like you proposed, I flattened the strokes but it didn’t help solving the problem.
- The trick with deleting anchorpoints doesn’t always help neither. Especially when you try to make distance from a vector-drawing look. (= more anchorpoints)
Deleting ancherpoints may result in “broken/discontinued” lines, “leaking” ink, endless minutes puzzling with bezier curves to get back a “smooth” line, etc …

=> A solution for a next release would be to select all the anchorpoints of a piece of path you would like to bend, and then … Just bend the selection. But right now this trick doesn’t work.
=> another future solution of development would be to stop the intersection of 2 brush strokes at the path of contact. So only one path (interior or exterior) instead of both from a same brush stroke.

(Do you see what i mean? Or would you like that i illustrate this?)

>>Concerning problem 2:
I’m using Animate Pro 2. (version 7.9.1 - “6016”/pc). So the problem seems not to be solved that perfectly. ;D
I tried at home with my license and here at work with Animate Pro 2 PLE version. Same bug result.

Please make a few convertions with thin pencil strokes to see the bug. (bigger pencil lines are okay when converting)

Great thks for your help! :slight_smile:

ps: By the way, it would be really nice to have also the functionality to bend the internal and external path of a brush stroke at once. (= the possibility to emulate the same bending effect as on a pencil stroke)

Kind regards,

Hmmm, so your main concerns are getting smooth lines while lowering the amount of control points and staying accurate to what you are drawing? Not sure if this is what you are looking for but have you tried experimenting with the tool properties of the brush such as smoothness and contour optimization settings of the brush menu. I have a pretty steady hand and don’t need much smoothness from the program so I generally use 2 for the smoothness and contour optimization as well as setting minimum and maximum size to the same value to get a uniform shaped line. With those settings I can get very smooth lines that are fairly close to what I’m tracing over. From there it’s fairly easy to delete unneeded control points to alter the line weight.

According to the help file pdf the higher the smoothness setting the less control points in the line. However, I found the opposite to be true. With a setting of zero smoothness there were many control points along the lines I drew… much more than I needed but the line was accurate to the tracing. With a setting of 2 the line was nice smooth and was perfect for what I wanted with little alteration of my tracing. With a setting of 10 the line was smooth but it deviated too much from my original strokes.

I generally don’t like auto smooth or trace options in any program (such as Illustrator) due to the fact that they often result in unpredictable effects, such as drastically altering what you’ve drawn. However, I found Animate’s brush settings to be awesome once I played with them so I don’t really need to use the smooth function.

Lilly> You’re welcome ! Let’s make from this soft the best in the world! ;D

Tony> Hi! Thx for the feedback.
If you take a close look to that i posted earlier, you will see that i don’t use “that” much anchorpoints (There are only a lot of them where i used the ‘cutter’ tool!). I never use a smoothness value lower than “2”. And i am extremely happy with the brush line output from Animate.

So what you describe is not really my main concern. My issues are more reshape vector-related problems than really drawing problems. :slight_smile:

For “problem1”, Animate creates a lot of messy anchor points after using the cutter.
> This makes it very difficult to reshape a piece of brush stroke afterwards
>Above that, the “smooth” & “flatten” functions don’t help to simplify the problem of ancherpoints. The freaky amount of ancherpoints keeps existing :smiley: (like on my link where different brushes intersect)

For “problem2”, it’s just a bug relative to the conversion (pencil > brush) of thin lines. Something that needs to be fixed.

Kind regards,

Im a newbie and have a corel bkg use, I asked support on this and was told that rather than try and import from coreldraw ,learn Animate 2 from video tuts. Ok , yep they are correct , must learn to use the prog I have purchased to learn. But ,when doing simular drawings , I was shocked at the amount of ancherpoints as donbartolo. I searchd for info/ menu to reduce the amount of ancherpoints and could not see anything much to do this ?
Please think on this to be an update within Animate 2, as learning this prog is going to be very long if I have to keep reducing ancherpoints . Enjoying Animate 2 very much so far ,wish it had more imports , but I now understand why… :wink:

For the anchorpoint issue, have you tried flattening the lines? That should help to consolidate some of the anchor points. The other thing that you can do is simply select some of the points with your contour editor and hit delete and it will delete those anchor points.

For the Pencil to Brush conversion, are you using Animate 2 / Animate Pro 2 or are you on an older version? There were some improvements that were made on this conversion in version 2. The conversion should now be perfect.


Thanks for the extra feedback Donbartolo - we’ll look into these issues.


To reduce the anchorpoints, you need to adjust the “Contour Optimization” parameter in the Tool Properties of the brush tool. I pretty much always leave it all the way up at 10.

Then you can always also remove contour points by selecting the point with the contour editor and hitting Delete.