Analog/Film Grain Filter Effect

Anyone here know how to create a film grain/analog filter in Harmony Advanced? Been trying to experiment with different types of anime to make my own style.

It is probably better to do this step in a video editing program.

What kind of video editing program is the best choice for the analog effect?

Film grain is a common video filter. I suspect most come with it. Are you on Mac or PC?

You could do the Adobe Cloud for a month to add the effect using Premier or you could go with a free program or anything up from there and probably find a film grain effect.

I use Macs and iMovie is included with OSX and has both a film grain and aged film effect.

Mac or PC:

Hitfilm Express has 400+ effects. I did not check for film grain. Out of 400 probably has it.

DaVinci Resolve is also free and cross platform.

What about something like Sony Vegas or something?

I looked at that and could not tell whether it had the effect. You could call them. I would do the monthly subscription for a month and then suspend the subscription until you need the software again. Unless video editing is your main thing it is the best way to go pricewise for a product that would cost you at least 300 dollars otherwise.