An option to download and purchase past software,

I go the a technical college, where the software we use, is Animate Pro 3 and Storyboard Pro 4. As many know learning animation takes lots of lab time especially in an educational environment. However There are issues I like to pinpoint, although our instructors have tried many times to contact Toon Boom to give the school and the animation students copies of the latest software. But until that happens we use what we have. Students like myself have jobs, or are in long distance from the campus to work on their assignments because they do not have the software to finish their work. This becomes an issue especially around the weekends when our computer labs are closed. Meaning having the wait probably the week the assignment is due, to hurry and finish it. Making this very stressful, especially now since we have assignments that are due a week after our Spring Break ends. Meaning having a week of not having the software to perfect our creations.
That’s why I recommend maybe considering having your older software being sold either cheaper, or opensource, so that students like myself are able to work on assignments wherever they go. Like the comfort of their home or in a library, that way no one has to wait days, or go out of their way to spend maybe limited amounts of time to work on animations.

I know that it’s your best interests to market the best software possible for professionals and students, as this is the purpose of your company.
However working at a 7.25/ hour job, can’t simply fork up a grand on software.

I’m sorry if I am considered wining, animation student, but I hope someone take this into consideration.