an easier way

i’m new to toon boom and i’ve been reading the users guide but i just want a simple tutorial that shows me step by step how to do a simple animation. the user guide just skips around and i need it to be explained in simple words. can someone tell me and easier way to learn toon boom. thanks.

p.s. i’m only 13 so i need it to be simple directions

Here is a really good way for you to proceed. Buy the Toon Boom Studio eLearning series How to Animate. This package includes a teaching manual in PDF format and a series of 11 lesson project folders that you use to work through the 11 lessons presented in the teaching manual. If you take your time and carefully do the work presented, you will be on the road to learning to really animate well. It will cost you $30 to purchase this teaching aid so you need to be committed to learning to justify that expense.

Think of it as taking an art class where you are paying less that $3 per lesson, not a bad deal at all. The material presented will really help you get off to a good start. If you have questions or need help, there are plenty of community members here at these forums to assist you. The folks at Toon Boom created this training guide just for people like yourself who want to get started and are just beginning to learn animation. The course teaches animation, not Toon Boom Studio, it just uses Toon Boom Studio as a teaching tool. It is great to be 13 so have fun and welcome to the world of cartoon making.

One last piece of advice, the road to success in animation is often going to be difficult as there is a whole lot of skills to master, but you can do it if you are patient, willing to practice practice and practice some more and you don’t let any obstacles that you encounter cause you to quit trying. -JK

Please, spare me the must purchase these lessons deal. Believe it or not, an artist’s tools (especially when working in the realm of computers) should be intuitive at the least. The 13 or 43 year old artist should be able to complete a simple animation with the instructions INCLUDED with the product. Is it really too much to expect a PDF file with basic instructions? I’ve been wading through this program and honestly it falls short of expectations as far as ease of use goes. I’m an experienced editor with real paying clients. And no the $30 bucks won’t break me. I simply expect more.

Hi Chetorama,

We are aware that there might be some lack in the learning material for Toon Boom Studio but we are currently putting up some new learning material else then the workout series that you have to buy.

For Toon Boom Studio v3.5 there should be even more video tutorials and also don’t forget to go see the online article we are publishing from time to time. Even though they might seem to be aimed for advanced user, we usually go through some of the basic tools that might come handy to users. It’s sometime easier to understand the use of a tool when you see its actual use in a project.

Hopefully we will be able to provide much better learning material in the future but in the meantime if you ever fall short on answer feel free to post your questions on the forum. Either Toon Boom Animation staff or members of the Toon Boom Community will gladly answer your questions.

Best regards,


Hi Soccermasher,
In the meantime, why don’t you have a look at the video tutorials on Steve Ryans website if you haven’t already done so?