AMD and Harmony

Hey everyone!

I have been planning and researching for quite some time now. I am planning on upgrading my PC soon and I want to use an AMD motherboard and chipset this time around instead of Intel. I have been looking for information on this topic and I haven’t come across any answers as to whether or not Harmony works well or takes a hit on performance with AMD chip sets. AMD always has very good multi-thread performance, and is always a better price point than Intel. So I want to make sure it will still fit my needs of I go that route.

This is what I currently have planned.

Any other AMD users out there that can confirm some performance bench marks?

Thank you for taking a look at this question.

Patrick M

Although AMD CPUs are not officially supported, they have been working fine with the
software to date and should not really cause any performance issues.

When it comes to graphic cards however, NVidia graphic cards generally have better
drivers for OpenGL display than ATI/AMD cards. Try and avoid systems that only have
an internal Intel graphic card. The divers for these are prone to having their OpenGL
performance damaged by Windows updates and they are also not high-performance
cards so using one may limit the complexity of projects you can create and edit.