am I the only person who thinks toon boom sucks

I got toon boom for free from a class that I took and have been using it for my youtube channel. And to be honest it really sucks. There are so many glitches. Maybe I just suck but I dont think so. All the time I will draw lines and they will just disappear. Also sometimes when I am trying to copy and paste frames my color palate will just get deleted. I finally got adobe flash and I think it is much better

You are begging to be asked this question:

Have you read the user guide, watched tutorials, experimented and practiced procedures with the intent to understand how things work or are winging your way through the software believing you should be able to do something without knowing how to use the software?

If you managed to produce all of those videos with Toon Boom software it should not be difficult for you to ask specific questions regarding problems you encounter. It does not look like you have sought answers and drawn your conclusion after finding that there are not any practical solutions to your problems.

I’m just supposing you’re not using a legitim copy of Toom Boom. Those can — and will — have many glitches since they are older versions without any uptades or support. If you’re using the original one, then a good possibility is that you’re just not used to the new software yet. I used to animate in Spriter Pro and now I’m using my 20 days in a whole new step learning Toom Boom. Its totally different from what I’m used to, starting by the shortcuts. There are no software that “sucks”, but only those that you can’t use it properly yet (maybe because lack of training, maybe because its not your style) or that don’t attend to your demands. As an example, I love Spriter Pro, but it finally came to a point where I think I need more features to continue working. The software is not bad, just limited, then I’m learning Harmony now — and Spine, so I can see wich one of them I fit better.

This can happen with your computer, I had one time problem like this, and was my video card driver (ATI)…now I have NVIDIA…
update your drivers and check your computer settings under video driver

you are talking about toon boom, No.1 in the industry, 99% of cartoons nowadays use toon boom software, so the problem is your computer not the software.


I know this thread is pretty much dead but that’s just untrue. We use Windows 7 desktops at work with 32GB Ram, and fairly up-to-date video cards. Still experience memory leaks, causing crashing, and frequently run into bugs. Have updated drivers and still find issues. I stumbled across this forum searching through the web for help after browsing the quite limited resources on this site. Not trying to knock Toonboom, but lets not pretend that this software doesn’t have flaws :wink:

Im running 8gbs ram, and ive been using toonboom advanced for a long while and I have not experianced any glitches like listed. Toonboom will work best with Windows 10.

Glad to hear it’s working well for you.