Alternative to Transformation switch?

Hey all! I have a highly specific question based on a potential resolution I found to typical builds and rigs.

You know how if you have both envelope deformation chains and spline deformation chains in the same deformation group and you hook something up to said group via a kinematic output, the envelope chains will effect that object too, and often in unfortunate ways?

well, a long time ago when I was fiddling with a build that had this issue I came up with my own solution to it. I added a second transformation switch within the deformation group so that one was dedicated to envelope chains and the other was dedicated to spline chains, and i gave the spline chain one it’s own port for kinematic outputs to plug into. This way, objects plugged into it are ONLY effected by spline chains and never by envelope chains.

the only problem is that i can’t find a way for it to register spline chains besides the one plugged into the main green one on the very right of the transformation switch. switching to other spline chains i have hooked up to it doesn’t seem possible.

so my question is, is there something from the node library i can put in to the group INSTEAD of a second transformation switch that I can use to achieve the effect I want instead?


Sounds like your second Transformation Switch doesn’t know what drawing it is assigned to.
You can see the “Drawing Path” of the assigned element in the Transformation-Switch’s properties dialog (e.g. “elements/Hand/Hand-4.tvg”).

Maybe the following will help:

  • Righ-Click on the Deformer Tools Task toolbar
  • click on “Customize…”
  • search for a tool called “Associate Parent Transformation-Switch with Selected Element” and add it to the toolbar
  • try to associate the drawing to the second Transformation-Switch as well by using the tool

Hope this helps.

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