alternative to photoshop

Hi, I’m new to the forum (and toonboom) so, be nice and keep the ignorance flaming to a minimum.

I’m thinking about using toonboom for a project I’m working on with a few people. Everything that I would be importing to the program is scanned hand drawn art. What we’re doing is a little more like anime than what toonboom is typically used for.

Anyway, for certain pieces of art, particularly character sketches, I need to scan them in and then cut out the background and make it transparent, sort of like what you could do with the lasso tool in photoshop. The thing is, I don’t currently have a copy of photoshop, and this is really the only editing I need to do anyway, so buying photoshop seems like overkill.

So my question is, does anybody know of a cheap or free program that has the capability to do this. I just need to be able to cut out the white background and make a transparency layer out of it.

Thanks in advance.
practically the same as ps, and free.

here you have the packages to install (in case you’re running windows)

thanks a lot! that looks like it should work.

I appreciate it,
chuck norris