Alternate way to do an arm fold with deformations

I did a video to show how you can create a fold on a limb using deformations. It’s an alternate way to do it. It works well when you have rather thin lines. With very thick lines you would see the flat tip of the fold too much I think.

Check it out.

Wow! You DID it, Steve! I have been wondering about how to have the upper arm behind and the forearm in front–or vice versa–using a deformer and you showed how it can be done! This is terrific! Thanks so very much! This had been one main reservation I had regarding using deformers for my rigs, but not any more!

A very nice tutorial…well done! And thanks.

Hi, I tried out this tutorial and it’s a great alternative to the fold option on the deformer. I did have one problem though, I noticed when I rendered it out that it has an overlay type look where the two pieces overlap. Like the color becomes darker where the overlap occurs. Is there a fix for this, maybe in the render settings?

Hi monkey face

Have you checked if the Color_ID on your forearm and upper arm are the same?

And if that is the case, is the alpha set to 255 ?

Yes I did, I figured out what the problem is too. I just cut the pieces apart without making any overlap, and what I thought was the overlap showing was actually a small space between the two parts stretching. It was weird in that instead of showing up as a black crack it showed up as a darker version of the color of the body part, as the deformation must have made the split combine with what was attached and then diffused the color from there. I tried it again with making overlap on both pieces, and everything’s fixed now, thanks!