Altering the z axis

I am trying to rig a character by parenting the forearm to the bicep. I have read the help section and it says to disable (though online it also says enable) the animation mode, and use the transform tool to select the forearm. Then press alt+up to move the forearm above the bicep.

This doesn’t seem to work. Am I missing something here?

Zaxwerks Layers Tools Z distribution plugin. I have used this one.

AE Scripts. Multiplane

galaxy s5

With the Transform Tool select your Layer you would like to move in the Viewport.
Make sure the “Focus” stays at the Viewport (red line around viewport).

alt/option + down-arrow = forward
alt/option + up-arrow = backward

Still nothing? :frowning:

Is there an alternative way of doing it?

Or Is there a way of getting around this altogether, eg another way of rigging a character that doesn’t involve layer parenting?

Alternatively use the “Coordinates and Control Points” panel for your Z-Axis.

Are you using the “Toon Boom Animate” Shortcuts ?

Nope. That’s my problem.

Thanks guys, everything’s good :slight_smile: