ALT + arrow Up or Down key issue in Harmony 2021

Hi guys,

I’m having this weird issue with the Alt + arrow up or down when animating to send to back or bring to front a drawing.

I thought, that was a problem with the ALT key on my keyboard but it isn’t, because I can select all the shortcut keys that require the ALT key with not problem at all.

Now when I try to use the Alt + arrow Up or Down when animating, sometimes works and other doesn’t, but much of the time does not.

I select the Drawing node, that would select the transform tool on the drawing that I have on the camera view and F6 to insert a new keyframe, then I need to for the new keyframe to set it back, I press down ALT + arrow Down on the keyboard… but doesn’t send the drawing back, and I tried to do the same to bring it front and the same thing occurs, nothing happens… it is really strange.

I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong… or I am missing something.

Any assistance you can provide would be greatly appreciated



Alt + Up Arrow / Alt + Down Arrow changes Pos z value of the selected objects or their next animatable parent by 0.001.
Sometimes this doesn’t have a visually distinguishable impact and won’t change the displayed layer ordering if the z-distance between the next layer closest layer is bigger than this value.

Another reason might be that you apply the keyboard shortcuts when the Camera View is not the active view.
These keyboard shortcuts only seem to work from the Camera View.
You also might want to check if Prefrences->General->Options->Focus On Mouse Enter is checked, as this has an impact on what view is set to active.

Hi stefman,

Thank you for your assistance,

The object that I have is a duplicate of the same object, (I mean that I have duplicated the same node) the object is a ball. Therefore, I have duplicated the same ball and move it a bit, to overlap between both, to check if I can send the drawing back and front. But I still have the same issue, doesn’t really work on my end… don’t know why.

I did double-check the preference panel so that everything is in the right order and also, I have the camera view active when going through the process, but I came across with the same issue.

Know the weird thing is that the first key frame of the ball, before I set another keyframe, is that I can send this drawing of the ball back and front. Much of the time works on the first keyframe, but for some reason other times doesn’t.

One thing for sure is that after I set up the first keyframe and then go about to set the following keyframes on the same layer, it doesn’t matter, if in the first keyframe I can set the ball drawing back or front, the rest of the keyframes I won’t be able to set the new keyframes back or front.

I don’t know what might be the issue… do you know if is there another way that I could do this operation? Or is there away to change the ALT + arrow UP and Down shortcut for another key?, I don’t see this option on the shortcut panel.

Thank you


Unfortunately, I can’t find the keyboard shortcuts for Z-Pos Nudging either.

Hm, it’s hard to have any more theories without taking a look into your project file, sorry.

My alt+up. alt+down no longer works to z nudge either. Along with many other keys that I use regularly. I find that rebinding them every time I start up Harmony fixes this but sure is annoying. You can z nudge manually through the “coord. And control Points” window by changing the z value under position. Make sure to change in tiny increments like -0.0001. If you want to nudge in larger increments turn on the “maintain size” so the piece doesn’t visibly change size. Hope this helps.