Alpha rend errors and blur effect issues

Hi good people!

I am currently using Toon Boom Animate Pro 2 for 2D animation shorty. It is very comfortable considering drawing, camera movement timeline setup. I simply treat the software as light table for doing the 2D classic style animation action, expressions ect. Here it is the issues I need to solve if I want to proceed with a final rend in toon boom and not using another software for build up final scenes:

I have my BG (background) finished in Photoshop and I intend to import them in Toon Boom as Bitmap. Can I use blur effect on the imported image/s? I tried but toon boom does not allows me… Maybe the problem is in my version of the program so I ask for help here just to share info :slight_smile: If I can use effect on imported images can I control the effect by the time - for example it appears in frame 20 and disappears in frame 120 getting back the imported image to sharp focus or something…?Generally can we use effects to imported bitmaps in toon boom and can we control the effects?

Another major problem for some users is the alpha channel rend. I met this problem in other forums too. Users cant rend alpha properly - it should work when the user chose proper rend controls in the properties menu: for example if the user decides to rend TGA (this format supports alpha) ones should pick TGA4 (4 channels red, blue, yellow and alpha) and Millions of colors +. Well for some reason it did not work. I tried many times with different variations. Did not work :/. Anyone solved this massive user issue?

I simply need to use Toon Boom for final camera rend and then to use third party software like Nuke, Fusion to add some effects and to do some CC, grain/noise even… Unfortunately Toon Boom meets difficulties in navigating simple camera blur effects, rending alpha channels (so ones do not need to rotoscope already done animation for the alpha) which pushes me to consider using Nuke for the entire scene composition - veeery time consuming :confused:

I will appreciate if anyone can help :slight_smile:

The Blur module can be applied to vector and bitmap images…
The Blur-Radius can be key-framed over time…
(this is possible in Animate Pro 3, don’t know about Animate Pro 2 ?)

In TGA4, PNG4, PSD4 / Millions of Colours +, the “4” and the “+” are representing
the Alpha Channel (Transparent Background).

Make sure there is no background in your Animate project.