Alpha Colour Outline

Hi there,

If i create an outline, then fill it - then change the alpha of that particular colour… There is an obvious outline where the original line was drawn.

why is this happening? if it is all the same colour, the same opacity, etc, how can there possibly be a definite difference between the two elements (outline and colour-fill)?

Can this please be resolved in any way, I’d be very interested in any advice.

best regards,

I am not sure why it is happening. But you could just reduce the outline to size 0 if you have no need for it.

I tried duplicating this with Animate 2 and did not get the same result as you.

I opened a new scene, selected Brush 5 and drew an octothorpe using the default black color. Then I used the brush to enclose it in a circle but the circle did not touch the octothorpe.

Next, I selected a blue swatch, selected the paint tool and painted inside the circle and the center of the octothorpe.

Next, I selected a pink color and selected the repaint option on the paint tool. Then I repainted all four strokes of the octothorpe.

I edited the swatch and changed the alpha to zero.

I saw no trace of the pink on the outline of the brush strokes. I did see the default black where the strokes had overlapped. But, no trace of an outline.

Which version of Animate are you using and are you doing something differently? Have you looked at the render to verify that it’s not just an OpenGL artifact in the drawing?


Did you draw your outline with a Brush or a Pencil line (Pencil, Line, Ellipse, Polyline, Rectangle)

If I understand well waht you are explaining, I think that you may have drawn the outline with Pencil line. (Maybe I did not understand well though)

When you paint a zone drawn with a Pencil line which is a central vector, the colour zone goes up to the center of the Pencil line.
You can convrt your pencil line to a Brush line and flatten your zone.

a print screen would help quite a bit.