Alpha channel problem


I have a problem with importing 32-bit images to TBS… when i build a 32-bit image and import this to TBS, i see some white pixels around the the image… especially round edges of the image look too jagged… how can i get ird of these extra pixels around the image?

still no answer? anybody cant help me? i should get rid of these white pixels… they appear whatever format i use(png,tga,tiff whatever)… i think it must be something with anti-aliasing. i prepare the 32-bit images at photoshop… for now the only temprory solution looks like making mask elements in tbs around the edges of the images to hide these pixels… but this way is too time consuming… you see i really need help… ???

Hmm. I read about someone on the the Moho forum with a similar problem with Photoshop. Apparently it went away if they DIDN’T use the export for web feature. I think photoshop automatically uses 8 bit if you do that and you really need 32bit. As long as you make sure the exported png is 32 it should work. (well it does in Moho. :))

i sent the sample image to the adress you posted…
i hope there is a solution to this problem in tbs…