alpha background

I just started working on ToonBoom and would like to know how I can get the background to become a clear (alpha channel).
Is it something I set in properties or when I export. I’m sure it’s something simple but at this point I simply don’t see it.
I have been workibg in After Effects and Mirage.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
John in Boston

hi john and welcome,
there is a cool function ‘search’ in the bar above, and if you type in ‘alpha channel’, you get the following entries:

among them the film export option ‘millions of colors +’.
the ‘+’ stands for the preserved alpha channel.

Export as swf will also give you a transparent background.

The vector drawings can be imported into Flash resulting in individual frames populated by symbols containing the drawn objects (with transparent bkgd).

This could be useful for use in your After Effects program possibly?

Thanks for the help,
Since my last post I tried a few things on my own. One was to import my Toon Boom file into Mirage or After Effects and apply a color key that takes out the background. This seems to work well as long as the background color does not exist anywhere else in the drawing/animation.
John in Boston