All strokes from a certain texture are outlined in white

I was trying to draw, and my computer froze, and when the program continued to run, all of my strokes in a certain texture were outlined in white. It doesn’t look like a view, it looks more like they were all given a gradient. I can’t figure out what happened. I checked the view options, tried changing the colors, closed the program and reopened it, and nothing is working. I’m still new to this program, is this just some type of selection that I’m not aware of? Thanks!

Can you post a screenshot?

I have had this same problem and found a way to replicate it (see below). I contacted Support last March and was told it had been reported as a bug. Having expected it to be addressed in V5.5 I’ve just tried it again and the problem still occurs.

Create a new STB Pro file (or panel) with one layer.

1 - I used a textured brush with Auto Flatten selected and drew a shape
2 - Then selected ‘all’ in the layer, and used Tools/Flatten from the top menu
3 - Re-used the same texture brush and setting to draw on the same layer - no problem
4 - Then I selected a solid, non-textured brush and began to draw on the same layer
4 - The issue immediately appeared on the second lot of textured brush drawings - not on the first.

The only work around I have found is not to use the Auto Flatten tool when drawing with a textured brush, or don’t flatten the layer with the texture on it.

That’s not happening on my system when I try your directions.
I made a colour background just to make sure I could see the white.
Maybe this only happens with some low-performance video cards?

Try going into the preferences and disable the “Full Scene Antialiasing”
feature to see if it makes a difference.

Also what’s the point of step 2 when the brush is already using the
auto-flatten option?

That’s what it looks like.
Also, I wasn’t using auto flatten while drawing…
And I’m not sure how to turn off anti-aliasing. I found the options, but turning the quality down and modifying the exponent didn’t seem to help.
This is frustrating. It was supposed to be an art project and now it looks like I’ll have to start over. Thanks for giving me a bit more insight, though.