all my work is gone!!

I dont know what to do and totally feel down
3 months ago I’ve worked in a project and classified in 6 file , and now i try to open them but this error goes :

The following errors occurred :

  • cannot open an empty project . adding an default empty scene

  • error parsing layout file J:(project name).aux
    Error occurred while parsing element at line 1, column 1

  • syntax error at line 1:
    Unrecognized attribute ( Â\t)

and then projects open with no element or key frame and timeline is empty , when i look into element or other folders all the character bodies are there , but there is nothing in project… please please help me … whats happen and how can I get back my work ?

I did rename it , but nothing happend …
please some body help me …

Hi, Baran,
Please send an email to to fix your issue.