ALL key frames change when trying to change one? Please Help

Hello, So im a bit of a noobie, I have no previous experience with an animation software, the way I animated before this was drawing the frames in a programme and editing them together.
I have Toon boom harmony, when I want to animate a simple blinking motion of a still dog (hand drawn, 2d, No use of bones or remodeling) I copy and paste the frame and then try and draw the blinking motion. But it changes all the previous frames to that one and I dont want to have to redraw the whole wolf for every frame just for blinking, can someone please help? :frowning:

Thank you, this helped. But in the duplicate drawings theres about 8 little slides for duplicate drawings, so there can only be 8 drawings. Im wondering if thats all their is or is their more or if I have this completely wrong.
Also Im wondering if there is another way of doing this? this takes sorta long and I would like to think a simple blink wouldnt take 5 minutes or so.
Again, thanks.

Hi SimplezAnimations,

The issue is that you actually copy and paste the drawing.
Think about it this way:

-A drawing layer can contain multiple drawings, which we call drawing substitutions. You can see this by going from one blank frame to another and scribbling away. Each scribble will be added to the Drawing Substitution section (upper part) of the Library window.
-A drawing substitution can be exposed on any frame(s) you want. But even if it is on multiple different frames (such as frame 5, 9 and 79), it still remains the same drawing. Any modification done to it, on any given frame, will be applied everywhere else this drawing substitution is exposed.

Here is what you want to do:
Instead of copying and pasting the frame, you will turn duplicate it as a new drawing substitution, and you will then modify that new substitution.

How to duplicate a drawing substitution:

  1. Right-click on the drawing frame, on the Timeline.
  2. Go in the Drawing submenu.
  3. Click on Duplicate Drawings.
    In your Drawing Substitution section, you should now see the same drawing, but with a different drawing name (or number, by default) under it.

I hope this helps,