all frames BLANK

okay I was just recently working on an animation, I saved it several hundred times and then I close the program, and open it up again just to see if everything is alright [because this has happened with some of my other animations before] everything is fine so I shut down the computer.

The next day I turn on the computer and open up the file, and all of the frames are blank. So I open up another file, turn out this is no unique case all my toon boom animate files are like this. and this weird folder that never was on my desktop before keeps appearing[even if I delete it] and the folders name is animation_movies

now I did save all my files and every frame is blank

I am using a Mac pro, OS X, version 10.6.8

the program I am using is toon boom animate 2

please respond quickly as possible

thank you

Hi PatrickN

Maybe you should try to mail to support.
You will find it by pressing the Contact a representative button at the bottom of this page.

Hope you find those files.

I did that about 2 months ago, they never contacted me back so thats why I posted it on here.

Have you managed to locate your files?

Hi PatrickN,

sounds like it could be a read/write permission problem. Have you run a disk utility recently to sort out any directory issues?

Have you tried de-installing / removing all the preference files for ToonBoom and re-installing… ( classic IT solution, but may work :smiley: )

I am running 10.8.5 and Animate Pro 2 - the occasional crash when first opening but no directory issues like you are explaining.

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