all drawings gone, frames are BLANK

the Toon Boom program suddenly quit when I was exporting 1 a snapshot.
When I re-opened the program it , everything i did was GONE.
You still see all the frames, and the names of everything, but it is BLANK. I still don’t want to believe it (the file was saved before) and I hope somebody can tell me where the files are, that i saved many times. I can’t believe they are really all gone just because the program unexpectly quite once.

working in Macbook leopard vs. 5, program is toon boom version 6, the trial.


Working in ToonBoom software gives a lot of nice possibillities.
But having worked in both TB Studio and TB Animate Pro and TB Storyboard Pro I have periodically experinced many Crashes.
I have adressed this to the forums many times and have still not got any
other advise than to save frequently.
Project lost or project that can’t be saved after reopening from such a crash can be very annoying.
The only advice i have is to save frequently. If you have the experience of crash following a specific operation take contact with support ToonBoom.
For less chance of loosing work done, make a working copy for big project.TB Studio also have a scene manager where you can divide your project in parts. To divide your project into many small projects can also help avoiding crashes and loosing material.
To save, close and reopen a project have sometimes helped me avoid problems related to export.
Being aware of that the vector files in Toon Boom are very small when the drawings are made from few lines, but can be huge if you work for a long time drawing over and over refining and adding details is important.
Complex backgrounds and similar is usually better to import as bitmaps.
You will find that many formats are supported.
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Backing up files is always recommended as a safeguard.

You can also drag your layers into the Toon Boom application Global Library to have access to your elements from another project file.

If you are trying to find lost data on your computer, try doing a search for the name of the missing element on your computer.

If you find some missing files, please let know so that we can try to help you re-use them.

Thank you Ivaar for your time to answer my problem.

And from the administrator, I guess i will make back ups of the files just in case.

It’s my first time I’m using Toon Boom, so I still have many questions and I learn as I go.
I found the files, but Toon Boom doesnt want to import them (the .tga files)
It stays all blank. Maybe the folder got accidently replaced and there is where everything went downhill.
In the meantime i made it again, and also this time it was a total failure:
everytime I change an image in a frame to a certain position (because it’s about a moving train) all the images are moved again. Even in each individual frame, with ‘duplicate drawing’ and all. the position never stays. It got so frustrating I’m already considering another animation program, maybe i’ll take some classes in toon boom, but now i’m on a deadline.

If anyone knows about this problem, where content keeps changing in a frame, please advise me, i’m still learning.


It just sounds like the cells have been swapped and the images you want to display are no longer exposed.

Please send an email to so that we can assist you with this promptly.

You say you are all new to TBStudio.
Then there are some aspects that should be cleared out.
1.There is a drawing view and a camera view.
2.There are drawing elements and peg elements.
3. There are drawing cells and drawings.
4.Select tool and animation tools
1.The drawing - and the camera-view are the large working area were you do your drawing and animation.You switch between them by alternately pressing the top two tabs at the right upper part of the window.( See chapter 4 - drawing in the drawing or camera view, - in the user guide)
What you see in the camera view is not the same as you see in tha drawing view. In the drawing view you see the drawing in the cell(frame) you are working on. In the camera view you see all the drawings that is turned on.
When you export a movie it will show what you see in the camera view.
2:Drawing elements are for drawing, peg elements are for rotating or moving a layer.The peg layer is not for drawing. But you can hook a drawing layer onto it and then move it. The drawing layer also contains a peg, so you can animate it also without hooking it onto a peg layer.
3. The drawing you make in a frame will not be deleted if you delete the frame. Each drawingelement has a local library function. If you go to the windows meny and press cells , a small window will appear on the screen. It has a slder. If you move this slider you will change between the drawings made on this layer(it contains also drawings from cells/frames that are deleted… If you move it far left it will show a new and empty drawing. It is this window debbiesupport ask you to cheque if cells are swapped(changed)
The select tool select and move drawings it does not animate them over time.
If you want to animate over time you have to work in camera view.
The animation tools :
transform, move,scale and rotate tools works as they are named.Start by making a keyframe at the start of your animatin. Then by moving the timeslider to the actual frame in the timeline and then do the move,scale, rotate or transforming, a new keyframe is automatically made . Playback or scroll the timeslider in the cameraview to see the animation.

Best regards