all changes to element position in one frame effects all others?!

Hi, I have toon boom studio 6 and I’ve been reading through this forum to try and figure out what I can do to stop the changes I make in frame 4 from effecting every frame on the timeline. I have a girl running straight at the camera, and when I swap out her leg elements with variations that moves fine on the time line while scrubbing. But for her arms as I slightly rotate them from frame to frame to give the impression that they are swinging, the last rotation I did (regardless of which frame it is in) changes the position of her arms in every single frame. I tried using the Transform tool (instead of the select tool) to move the objects about but that was ineffective, I also tried right clicking on the frame but it did not offer “Duplicate Drawing” to even attempt that work around. I cannot find it in any tutorials… in fact, all the tutorials I downloaded from this website that say toon boom “studio” show the labeled toon boom “animate” on the creators screen when played. Half the buttons they instruct me to click do not even exists (such as inverse kinetic etc). All I want to do is make movement changes to one frame at a time… it won’t allow me to do that.

Hi, do you have keyframes placed on the frame where the movement starts and on the frame where the movement ends? In the camera view, place the cell-frame cursor at the frame where the arm is still, drag the cursor to the frame where movement starts and with the transform tool selected, rotate/move the arm as needed. Keep advancing the cursor to each frame where you wish to use the transform tool for the rotation/movement.Curious about the tutorials, can you post the link so we can check on it?Thanks,Debbie

I did do the key frames thing, and it wasn’t working for about two hours… then randomly it just worked without me attempting anything different than what I kept repeating over and over. I don’t know why but it has corrected itself. I can’t explain it any better than that ??? I would love to go through the tutorial issue as soon as possible, but Im not going to get a chance to work on it again for a little while due to current travel obligations. I do appreciate you contacting me though!! It is really nice to log into my email and see a response waiting there :slight_smile: