alignment off after importing from library

First i built a scene using imported assets from flash (swf and png sequences). There are like 5 groups that each have a peg and then because the assets are from flash, each drawing layer also has a peg but everything is pretty much at 0,0,0 and 100 scale. I got it looking the way I wanted it to and then I copied the group into my library. I then went over to my master animation and dragged the new library asset into my animation but it’s all wrong. The alignment is way off. Concentric circles are no longer concentric for example. Is there some reset of the pivot points when you import from the library? Is this a preference or something?

Any help appreciated!!

So I’m not too familiar with Flash imports into Toon Boom, but here’s a few things I would try. If it doesn’t work, maybe contact support?

  • Did the import from Flash look the way it should? In other words, could it be a Flash export problem?
  • Are the drawings themselves also at 0,0,0?
  • Did you use the transform tool to move things into place? If so, perhaps try using the select tool to move things around.
  • You could try selecting everything and resetting it, either in the original or the library version
  • You could try deleting the imported pegs and creating new ones

I’m not sure if any of those will work, but good luck!