Aligning object centers (again)

Hello. I’ve seen the lack of align tools mentioned a few times in the forums, it’s causing me some problems too. Perhaps there’s a workaround for this but it’s not clear to me what that would be:

I would like to create a perfect circle on one drawing layer, and add ‘decoration’ elements to it on separate drawing layers. I would like to nest all these layers under a single peg layer and animate the scale and rotation properties of that peg layer.

This is the part I’m having trouble with: The pivot of the peg layer needs to be aligned precisely to the visual center of the circle, so as to avoid ‘wobbling’ as the circle turns.

Even using grid snapping it’s not clear to me how to achieve this result, if it’s currently possible.

(Also +1 feature request for align tool similar to the ones found in flash or illustrator)