Align tool

Maybe it’s there but it’s impossible for me to find it but I would like an align tool just as in flash. So to make it possible to have many options to align objects/strokes/whatever with each other or with the ‘canvas’.

PS: forgive misspellings, there is no english spellcheck on this computer

Thank you Lilly!

There’s no align tool but there is snapping. If you select some object, then you can turn on the Snapping in the tool properties window and have it snap to grid, or snap to contour, or snap and align. The snapping depends on where you pick on your drawing object.

I’ll submit your feature request for the align options.


Adding in that an Align tool would be EXTREMELY useful! Being able to align object in the center, to the stage, or distribute objects is useful for centering titles, distributing objects like windows on a building, or creating patterns like lines in a road. I’m very surprised this is still is not a feature in Toon Boom Harmony 12.


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Yes, this would be very good. Especially in the creation of the artwork.