Align Stage View to Camera View - or enable drawing on Camera view

I bring a 3D environment scene (ground, landscape, etc.) to SBP3D in order to be able to use that as my background and rotate the view around and draw my characters over that.Up till now I’ve been creating my character sketches on separate panels - in Stage View - and then move them around in camera view. This is something I find extremely annoying because the 2D sketches I create depend on the 3D camera view, but when I switch to Stage view in order to draw I am no longer viewing at the right view I need to use.I can probably keep two views side by side, camera and stage, but it would be so much easier if I could sketch right on the background I have selected. If I cannot draw on a new layer in Camera view - is there a way, at least, to align the stage view to that of the Camera - so that I can create my new drawing layer the way my camera layer is?Thanks!

Thanks JB,I have actually tried the “face camera” orientation method a couple of days ago but it was not a very good solution for me - for a couple of reasons:1. The main one - for some reason I would be able to draw in the camera view, see my strokes, but when I let go of the pen the strokes would disappear. I can make sure that the layer I’m drawing on is between the 3D models and camera - but still - I cannot see it. If I hide the 3D layer, I can see my strokes. Otherwise not. I suspect this might have something to do with your other post about layers’ distance from the 0,0,0 origin. Not sure. In any case - with my scenes this doesn’t work.2. Even if this method did work for me - it’s too cumbersome. Too many steps to do something quite simple. I’m working on a show that would need TONS of boards and actually only a few of them would need camera moves. So an overlay option would serve me best most of the time.Quite simply - I want to be able to position a camera, draw, move on. Very quickly.* side note - something I’m hoping that TB is working on - positioning the camera itself is far more complicated than moving the Stage view. I wish I could simply use the Stage view as the camera view…(like a 3D app has a “create a camera from view” when you’re in perspective view)Thanks,Dani.

Interesting workaround. Thanks.Since we’ve decided to go with a strict scale for all our 3D scenes (cm - with exact measurements), I would not want to scale down my scenes. What I might be able to do, though I’m not very happy with that idea, is to move the 3D scene where the drawings should mostly be - closer to the origin. Then export to FBX.We’ll see. I’m waiting to hear from TB if they have any further updates about this issue because our whole pipeline depends on this working. If it doesn’t work well we might need to change the pipeline or give up SBP.Thanks,Dani.

We’re actually in the process of changing part of our pipeline because of this limitation, and similar ones, and will be working on scenes that have been scaled down to 10% of their original size.It’s a bit of a process on our side but we don’t have too much time to fiddle with this and we have to proceed with what works best - so our conclusion is to go that way.However, even with the small scale of the 3D environment, and even closer to the x,y,z origin - I’m still witnessing some problems that I have not heard back from TB about a solution for them:1. Sometimes drawing in the camera view on a new layer (that is facing the camera) shows nothing - because - as it turns out - the layer is created behind the camera. No idea why that is and why it’s happening.2. The pivot of a newly created layer does not lie in the middle of the drawing, but in a fixed place on the ground. This causes the drawing to exist on a huge 3D plane with a pivot far from the camera. Since this layer is facing the camera - when the camera moves then the auto-alignment of the layer - around its far pivot - causes the drawing to move unpredictably around the scene.I would still like the other requested feature of creating a camera keyframe from the Stage View view - because it’s easier to manipulate around the stage view.Thanks,Dani.

I am following up with the team here to find out the status of the requests you have made. Thanks!