Align Objects?

I’ve been looking through the ToonBoom interface and this just eludes me, how to I evenly align objects on an axis?

Is there someway to snap them all into place?

Thanks in advance.

This is not a feature in TBS. It is a feature in Flash because Flash is designed for creating web sites as much as it is for creating animation. There is very little call for a multi-object alignment tool in an animation application while there is a lot of call for it in a web page layout application. You can use the reference grid in drawing view to deal with most aligning issues. TBS also doesn’t have rulers like Flash for similar reasons they aren’t needed for animation again the field guide is used for alignment referencing. -JK

It is not necessary for you to post the same question in multiple forum sections to get an answer. We all see all the sections and all the posts. If you don’t get instantaneous response it doesn’t mean you are being ignored, it sometimes means your question needs some consideration or more likely as in my case, I am selective about which questions I answer just because I often feel like I’m not giving other people the opportunity to contribute by answering so many questions myself. -JK

alright, thanks