Alien-inspired animation

Another entry in my “Sophisticated Walk Cycles” series. Less than one minute. I did the smoke in After Effects but I was thinking that I could do something similar with particles in Harmony…

Loved the art and general look.

Big thumbs up, but I thought the clanking sound effect didn’t quite have the right timing.

Thank you for your comments. You mean the sound for the walking or in the end? It seems to be indeed a bit off in the first walk, not too bad on the return. I did adjustments but having outdated computers doesn’t help, because it’s difficult to have real time playback with sound.

The good thing about Vimeo is that you can substitute your videos, so I might try to improve that aspect. I’m also not very pleased with the swaying of the human character, but there’s a lot of smoke over it…

Luis Canau

Especially at the start, I wasn’t sure where it was just a generic clanking sound or meant to match the footsteps.

It might also be worthwhile making the step stay on the ground longer since they are meant to be heavy steps.