Aliasing Rectangle Help

Aliasing in Rectangle how to fix it?

Have you looked at the line rendered to file?

To me that looks like a special Pencil line texture setting not aliasing. Aliasing has a sawtooth look to it. Your line there looks like a line offset every so many increments creating a pattern. Are you certain you are using a basic line and not a special texture/pattern line? There is such an optional line in Premium. It is called “Rough” for the Pencil line tool. Click on the triangle in the Tool Properties window and see whether “Rough” is selected. Also, sometimes things go wonky and get sort of cross contaminated/corrupted. Maybe a reboot or reinstallation is in order?

Hi o0Ampy0o,

Good to see you back again.

I just add the screenshot of the Pencil Properties’ Texture tab (from the H21 online help) for better understanding. :slight_smile: