I just got an aiptek hyperpen 12000u (I’m dumb I know), and I wanted to say that the pressure FINALLY works. Woohoo! You need to have the latest driver (3.10), which I could only find on the english side of their taiwan site. Here is the link:

Or you can search for aiptek hyperpen 3.10 in google.
Its a rar file, not a zip, so make sure you have win-rar or something like that.

Thank you , that fix same problem with my Aiptek 8000U Pro. Nice

Well, I had high hopes, but when I installed the 3.10 driver ToonBoom went from not using pressure sensitivity to not using the pen at all. As soon as the drawing area appears in ToonBoom (I’m on 2.0.2) the pen becomes inoperative. :’(

Ideas anyone?

It did get me pressure sensitivity in Flash, however. ::slight_smile: