I want to know what’s the requirement for Ai-files to be able to import them. I’m asking cause some of my Ai-files just do not import. Nothing shows up in the library. Yes, I have checked “Right to modify”.
I’m on an iMac Intel Ci5, MacOSX 10.6.7

Did you check in the Illustrator Export Settings “Create a PDF compatible file”…?
Create a PDF from the AI file and try again…
Or, change the name (short and simple) of the Illustrator file,
Or, drag the file to the Desktop and import again…
Are you importing any Text object…? (convert to outline first).
Are you trying to import into a Symbols folder…?
What version of Illustrator are you using…?

Check out Tutorials Pack 6, Chapter 32, Importing AI files…


Thanks Nolan.
Moving the file to the Desktop and importing it from there made it. It seems like the file was a bit too deep in the file structure. I tried all the other tips such as: saving as 8, CS, CS2, CS3, CS4, CS5, PDF, SWF… without succes.
But another question came up: why doesn’t Animate support drag and drop?
I mean just drag the files I want into the library.
And why not use the clipboard from e.g Illustrator?


I could submit this as a feature request.