AHHH!!!! HELP ME!!!!

1…is there a way to make changes to a frame, on a extended exposure, without effecting all dido frames? or cells. idk. :stuck_out_tongue:

2…is there a way to connect cells together… for example:

Frame 1 is a smiley face. frame 2 has nothing. and frame 3 is another smiley face…is there a way to combine frame 1 and 3 together since 2 has nothing in it.

this happens to me often, while making an animation i see a frame i dont like so i delete that cell well…now i have a gap in my animation…



Concerning your question you would need to create a new drawing entity by using the Duplicate drawing feature in the Exposure sheet (select the frame you want to be independent>right click>Duplicate drawing, this will create a new drawing with the same content as the original).

As for your second question I am not quite sure what you mean by making a drawing out of the other 2. There is no way to actually automatically create a drawing out of nothing, but you could copy part of drawing 1 or 3 and create a new drawing in the empty spot. This being said you would need to manually edit the drawing if you don’t want it to be the same as the original.




I think you might want to read and follow these two tutorial articles as they will help you to better understand how to go about creating your animation with key poses and inbetween drawings. If you still have questions, please ask them here.-JK

A Good Place To Start Parts 1 & 2

Jumping into Animation Parts 1 & 2

thanks for the replies. both of u ;D