Again, problems with linear tweens! :(((

I am going nuts…!!

I have a character.

Keframe his peg.
Key frame him 20 frames after, and drag him to the right.
I press ctrl-K to tween, and what do I get?..
Animate makes him CURVE! Ho deosn’t go in a straight line, no Sir, he DIPS visibly before he reaches the end frame.
This is a similar problem I have in this other topic I wrote earlier today:;action=display;threadid=3266

I don’t know, as usual, it’s no doubt my fault. But… heck, all I want is a simple, basic, normal, everyday linear tween!
Wht does Animate do this??

Totally frustrated.


Crazy. It’s making my work impossible.
The characters look like they are moving on a path but I have done nothing to ask for this. All I did was drag them from left to right!!

AnimatePro, pray thee… how do I get a drawing (character, whatever) to move in a STRAIGHT line from left to right without you deciding to make it DIP or CURVE? I can do that with

Frustration above guard level…

OK so now I discover in the Path Editor that there is tension on the Y axis.
If I put it to 1, the cuves go away.

QUESTION: why on Earth does this happen??

If I dragged the drawing from left to right (holding shift, to make it clear I want a STRAIGHT move), why do I get unsolicited tensions and curves?


Hi Lilly, thank you.

Problem is, once the layer has been set to 3D I can’t set it to Separate without losing all previous positions.

Why does Animate put curves in when I do a linear drag (using, as said, the SHIFT key to make sure it’s really straight?).

Surely there must be a way to get straight moves even with 3D Path on and without having to edit the move’s tension every time.
It’s like having to work on your car’s steering wheel every time you want it to go straight. O_O


I think it’s going to be easier for you to set all of your curves to Separate instead of 3D Path. Then you won’t have this issue. When using a 3D path, that’s when you see this issue, when you need to set the tension to 0.


It’s because of the way that mathematically a function on a 3D path is calculated. To you, you’re looking at it as an x y z space, but in fact it’s not just x y z for 3D path, it’s a quaternion calculation which has 4 values in it. So this is why it only makes sense to be a simple one-degree movement when you use Separate.