again a psd import question

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I just installed the Animate Pro learning version, and I’m trying to import a previously made 8 layer photoshop sequence into Animate_pro , hoping it would place itself as 8 keyframes. however: after looking through the Animate_pro Assistent PDF’s, I tried every possible import preference.but nothing worked. The manual said to place every frame/layer into a seperate group, which I did. but still.

In one of the tours…the tutor imports separate flat files into Animate-pro which then becomes a sequence (the scanner chapter).

I guess my question is:
Do I have to make flat files from my sequences? or can I import a sequence directly from a PSD file.

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I think this is pretty similar to the following question:;action=display;threadid=1080

If it does not address the situation would it be possible to describe in more details which specific result you are trying to achieve.

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Hai Ugo,

Thanks for your reply.
I had seen and read the question from Ramke before I wrote my post.
I already went through the pdf help documents on this subject .
I followed the instuctions very exact, and still all my layers end up as 1image
I think Ramke wants to import all the ingredients for a character (hands, feet, etc etc) so he can make a cut out animation.
I however, made a walk loop in photoshop (8 drawings / layers) using the adobe animation tool.
I wanted to see if its possible to import the walk loop into animate-pro and have the psd layers directly placed as seperate drawings in on column in the x sheet. (in other words…directly ready for use)
Hopefully this post isa little bit clearer.
in any case…thanks for your effort.

regards Emanuel

You might be better off using Photoshop’s File → Script → Export Layers File menu option. You wont be needing layer groups because it will export each layer in your document, each as an individual file (psd, or tiff, or tga etc). Just make sure each individual drawing/layer ends with a hyphen followed by a (drawing) number. For example if your layers in PS are:

Photoshop will exports these layers as joe-1.psd, joe-2.psd …

As long as the exported files use the format “name dash number dot extension” Animate Pro should have no problem reading these series of images into a “single” column/level (as opposed to creating one level per photoshop layer).

The “separate level per photoshop layer” functionality works for BG elements. Especially for multiplaning.

After Photoshop has finished exporting, bring up the import dialog box and navigate to the folder and select the all the exported files in one swoop, so that Animate Pro know to bring them all in. As far as the other options in the dialog box go, Its pretty much up to you whether you want to create a new level or add the drawings to an existing level. Also its up to you whether you want your images vectorized or not.

On the xsheet a level called joe (or whatever) should have been created and populated with the same drawing numbers found after the hyphens, such that a 2 in the joe column references the joe-2.psd file (or joe-2.tvg if vectorized).

Hope this makes sense. Give it a try and let me know.