after successful lip sync test, the mouths disappear once I paint the face

on tune boom studio 4.5, I drew a basic face with a lip sync test. The rendering looked correct and the mouths were synced with the audio.
However, once I painted the face of the drawing object, even though the mouths are in front, they no longer show up in the camera view or animation rendering.
any ideas? thanks

They’re different elements, and the mouths are in front, but they both occupied the default space in the overhead or side view.
I clicked on the properties of the mouth element, however, and selected a dropdown that was defaulted to “normal”, and set it to “forward” or something like that, and they were visible after that, so I think it’s resolved with that piece. Thanks for the input.

Assuming the lips are a separate layer from the face…
What happens when you disable the face layer?

Are you sure the mouths are in front?
Select the mouth layer and zoom in using the top or side view window.