After restart is drawing in Harmony premium horribly laggy and slowly

Hi. I downloaded Harmony Premium trial on my notebook (intel core i5-3210m, Intel HD 4000 and nVidia geforce GT 640m) and everithing worked fine - without problem, quickly etc.

I was traying to do some characters, I had to leave for a moment and when I was coming back to screen, my Notebook was in the middle of restart and after that it is really frustrating to draw something. I mean… sw is quick and everything, but in the moment I try to draw something with pen or brush it takes century to actualy do the line.
If there is someone who know the problem and hopefully - what helps to solve it too, I would be so happy.
I know that my setup is not ideal for “profi” work at all, but it worked until restart happend.
Just a few days of trial remaining and I didn’t try anything at all…):
Thanks for reply!