After Open The Second Time, It Stopped Working.

I’m new at Toon Boom Harmonony. I was a Moho user.
I’ve just bought a harmony Essential lic. Installed the program, activated it, and ran it for the first time. It opened OK, the I closed it and opened it to try to use it with my tablet, a XP-PEN 15.6 Artist. It worked OK. I closed it again, and when I opened it after using the tablet, it display that ugly little windows that says: Toon Boom Essential Has Stopped Working. I disconnected the tablet. Nothing. I have rebooted the computer. Nothing.
I don’t know what to do. What happened if I reinstalled it without deactivating it?

Any help will be appriaciated



I’ve just solved it! Problem was, I have multiple monitor, and I discovered that Harmony is supposed to open in the main one. If you move it and close it on another monitor which isn’t the main one. Windows will remember the location and tries to open it in that monitor, and the program crashes.