After Effects style Motion Paths

The motion paths in Toon Boom seem overly complex for the actions required and I’ve been having issues for ages so naturally, I’m looking for solutions elsewhere.

Coming from After Effects is a bit odd for someone using Toon Boom I know, but it’s got merit.

The motion paths are beautiful. You can adjust them with a pentool just like you were drawing a line in Illustrator.
It makes it really easy to have linear points and bezier points with easily splitable or connectable handles.

It also offers a simplified section view so you only see the 200 odd frames surrounding the point you’re looking at. When you’ve got one character/object moving around a lot, often over the same path, the current Toon Boom system shows the WHOLE path making it really difficult to isolate and tweak the section you need.

If ya’ll haven’t AE’d before, here’s an overview of how they do it (longest 1:50 of your life but worth it).