After Effects Plug-In

I hope not to offend anyone by mentioning Adobe. Really this plugin would be awesome for any existing composting software.
This is wishful thinking, but.

It would be really great to have these drawing and animation tools in After Effects.

I am spending alot of time going back and forth.
Importing footage and elements into both programs.

If an effect existed that automatically put all my Animate work into an AE layer that would be huge.

Or perhaps a plug-in for both programs that looked at a file and updated within both programs. Idunknow.

People would buy these tools up so quickly if they existed for their composting systems. I think Animate has the proper tools. It would be unfortunate if adobe tried to use Flash or Illustrator tools to accomplish this.

Sorry for the delay I didn’t see that someone replied.

I am coming from After Effects to Animate as a motion designer. So I am new to Animate and might not be aware off all its features.

However I am currently taking 3d data from Cinema 4d to After Effects using a custom script to convert the 3d anchor point information to “matching” 2D information and then exporting a swf and some ref image sequences to Animate. This isn’t something that many people are doing, but it is something i will do more often now that I know it works.

But beyond this unusual use of softwares. As an After Effects user I still hunger for the ease of use of the Animate frame by frame painting tools. After Effects on its own is a good compositor but its real advantage comes from the many many plug-ins and the large community of users. As a part of that community I feel comfortable saying we want (tho we may not know it) these tools in AE or someway to mover fast between the two.

I think the compositing tools in Animate are smart and very useful and sometimes it makes more sense to use them over After Effects because they solve problems that are unique to 2d character animation.

But I can’t give up:
working in 32bits and trying to maintain a linear color space.
Trapcode Particular.
Reel Smart Motion Blur.
… on and on with other 3rd party plugins
Work flow between my 3d app and 2d compositor

I’m not saying that you need After Effects to make cartoons, I feel like Animate has that locked down. But I am suggesting that at adding these tools to After Effects or creating some sort of exchange plug-in could really help motion design become much cooler. And while Adobe has other products that could one day fill this void, like Flash and Illustrator, Animates tools already exist, they are faster, easier, and smarter.

Just some thoughts.

Actually … looking at this a plug-in may not be necessary it may be possible to solve this with a script.

haha I’m blowin up my own thread.

An exchange plug-in could possibly be a script?
Maybe it could work like this to start?

Export Script from After Effects:
In AE you have a script that looks at a comp.
It pulls up a menu with all of the layers.
You put a check box on the layers that you would like to have rendered (or possibly comped together and rendered) before sent to Animate
other wise Animate will import the footage the same way that After Effects has.
it asks for a destination for files
click ok
create an AEfolder where the layers marked for render have been copied into their own comps and added to the render que for a destination specified
a new comp is created with the new precomps as well but not rendered
an xml file is written with layer information in a file folder created for rendered comps

Import Script to Animate

Animate looks at xml file and imports footage or sound files based on instructions from the xml file?

I may try this. I’m pretty sure its possible on the AE side but I don’t know about the Animate side.

Ideally you would want to add the ability to exchange keyframe Position, Scale, and Rotation info as well as blending mode info. Maybe even setting for similar effects.

But for me this is a good start and alot to chew on as is.

If someone else thinks this is a good idea or would even like to take a crack at it … please let me know.

I am looking in the scripting guide and I am not seeing anything about importing footage or bitmaps, only sound?

Unfortunatly there is lot you can do with scripting which isn’t documented. You could try emailing support and see they have a sample they could send.

I have done a bit of scripting but not in the area you are talking about.


…that thing you said

But seriously I have been talking with a few AE buddies who are already interested in this possibility.

What effects are you doing in After Effects that you can’t do directly in Animate? Have you considered using Animate Pro? We have a full compositing system built-in so that you don’t have to go outside to do your effects at all.


There’s no way right now to import a set of images based on a text file. The only thing that we can do is open up the Import Images window - but we can’t load in the names of the images.