Advice on Scanners and Pencils


I’ve been doing my drawings in Toon Boom, but I would like to experiment
with scanning my hand-drawn pictures and working with them. I have an old scanner that I bought ten years ago, which is perfectly good, but I can’t find a driver for it online so can’t use it on my macbook. I’ll have to buy a new one and was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for one that works really well with TBS. I don’t have too much space, so would like a compact one. My drawings are done on paper that is about six by eight inches.

I’d also like to do my drawings only in pencil and scan them in. I have read somewhere on here that red pencil scans in as a solid black line. I’m really poor at inking, so would like to avoid that stage if possible.

Anyone out there with recommended equipment and workflow? Also, I like to use a mechanical pencil, but the red “animation” pencils I’m seeing online are the regular kind that you have to sharpen. Is there a difference between using red replacement leads and the colour-erase wooden pencils? I’d prefer not to have to be constantly sharpening my pencil.

Thanks very much.



From a technical point of view, any scanner you may buy that have TWAIN support will be working with TBS. I know about the red pen/scanner lead process but this is usually done with production scanner. If you can find a single user scanner that offer this option that might be something to consider though it is entirely up to you.

Maybe other people from the forum have worked with such setup and could help you decide.

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