advice on project

hi people, im pretty new at animating, and im trying to learn the lots there is to learn,

but i have a project i want to do and have a time scale of 10 months to do it,

ok im watching lots of videos and im mastering things fine, be much better when my tablet arrives :/,

but i would like some help!

my project is to make a dvd for my mums 50th birthday, now shes lives in austrailia, and i want to send her messages from all the family and also a bit with lots of photos (that bitis easy in sony vegas) but tomake itmum fun and special i want to do an animation, bit of a cartoon at the front(with some jokes etc) and then introducing each family member before there video is shown, i hope you can follow me, but i want to know whenive animated all my stuff in animate pro, can i then use it insonyvegas to stick it all together? or wold there be a better software, i hope someone could help and would be greatful if you could find the time to reply.

also sorry if this is in the wrong place im new :slight_smile:

so if a moderator could move it id be greatful again

many thanks in advance anthony

I would find out which formats the 2 programs both support. Then I might experiment a bit, exporting different formats from TBA and into SV to see which one works best for your particular project. If you want your character to interact with the photos, be sure its background is transparent.
Another approach might be to simply import your photos into ToonBoom Animate and create your character on layers right above the photos. Hope this is helpful.
Good Luck

I use Sony Vegas for all my compositing. I export MOV from Animate and it imports just fine. All the best on your project!

Thank you both for the reply, i think im just going to get my character to introduce the videos and photos i think interact might be a lilttle hard for a newbie yet but i will play around with that today, it may be easy lol, so again thank you :slight_smile: