Advice for a newb?

Hi, all!

New guy here, looking to make my first investment in animation software, and just trying to decide what’s right for me.

Being on a limited budget, and being a beginner, I think Toon Boom Studio is probably the version for me, but I wanted to take a shot asking the pros for their input (despite these forums appearing a bit lathargic…).

I’ll primarily be using the software for animating short, video game cut-scene type projects, with a level of detail not greatly more advanced than, say, Family Guy, etc.

I’d like to mostly use a “draw once, move character” method (Is that “Cutout” animation? “Bone”?), rather than the traditional “draw every frame one-by-one” technique. I’d also like to be able to make full use of a graphic tablet with the program.

Would Studio be good for these needs? What are the biggest differences between Studio and the beefier versions? How is the export quality of Studio, being the more economy version? And how does Toon Boom in general compare to competitor programs like Anime Studio, etc.?

Oh, and I’m running Win7 64-bit here, if that’s of any significance.

I see that there is a sale going on right now for “Toon Boom Studio & eLearning Kit” for $199. For veterans here at Toon Boom, would you say that is a good price that ought to be jumped on?

And are there any future versions on the near horizon that might make my investment in the program right now any bit wasteful? I’m always the unfortunate soul who buys into a program a month before the latest and greatest version drops and is up you-know-what creek without a paddle xP Any risk of that in this instance?

Again, I know the forums are a little slow here, so I’m not sure what kind of responses I’ll get over the next day or so (the sale ends on Thursday…), but any input and advice would be GREATLY appreciated. So thank you in advance to anyone who can help me out here in time.


Thanks for the links, nolanscott. Those are helpful.

But a few of my questions still stand…

What are the key differences between Toon Boom Studio and the more advanced versions? How does it compare to competing programs?

How is the export quality of this more lightweight version?

And foremost, does Studio sound good for the wants and needs I listed?

Thanks to anyone who gives me some insight.

And the current sale that’s going on, TBS + the eLearning Kit for $199, is that an honestly good deal? Or does Toon Boom regularly have such discounts of this much or even more?

I see a couple new copies on ebay listed for $150 or less. Can these be trusted?..

Thanks for pointing that one out, nolanscott.

But I’m a little confused about this boxing day sale you mentioned. That post you made looks to be from today, yet I don’t see anything on any of Toon Boom’s site or social media about it.

Is this a current sale? Care to share a link?

Sorry for the confusion…
I edited that post today, (deleted the link) wasn’t aware it would change the original posting date.
Original post was on the 27. December 2013.
Unfortunately that amazing good “Boxing-Day-Bargain” offer isn’t available anymore.
Toon Boom is doing regular special-day offers. One day it might come back again.

Ah, ok, thanks for clarifying.

Well, good to know the sales aren’t rare occurrences. I actually found a couple listings of the product on ebay in the $130-150 range. Only downside is they don’t come with the eLearning Kit being offered here. But I don’t know how magnificent that package is anyway…

Well, I guess, Toon Boom Studio 8 + eLearning Kit" for $199, is an excellent offer…
The eLearning Kit cost alone $ 99. So far I haven’t seen that Kit on any special offer yet ?
Unfortunately I don,t have any personal experience with the eLearning Kit either.