Advanced script for placing pivot


I’m a Harmony rigger, and i rigged over 100 characters.
I always think how i can speed up my work,
so i’m always searching for the most efficient ways for doing things.

For now the best milestone for time saving will be script,
wich will place the drawing pivot in the center of selected item.
I attached screenshot - when we select something, and change tool
to drawing pivot we are able to see a little blue dott - center of celection.

The worst part is that - we CANT place drawing pivot in the center of selection (center of perfect circle for example), because its “PLACING” not “SNAPPING” and our pivot will be always shifted, and it will never be perfect.

The only way to deal with it is zooming in to maximum and place this pivot as close to the blue dott as it possible. But if i have quadruped animal with 4 bones on each limb, i will need to do this around 20 times, so its for sure not as efficent as i need.

If anyone have any solution or can write this script, that would be great.



Hey Adrian, I am looking for some help rigging chars for a project. You keen? :slight_smile:

i don’t have an answer to this post but i would like to agree with it. it woudl be nice if the pivot just snapped to the center with an existing align tool or a new one.

Sorry to necro an old thread, but in case anyone else was wondering about a good way to do this…

I can tell you my work around. I select the circle with the drawing selector tool, then hover my mouse over top of the central pivot. Then, watching really carefully, I hit ‘B’ and make a brush mark, as small and precise as I can get it.

Then I just line up my pivot with this mark, and delete it after. It works pretty well!